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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Goli, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Hello GoliCrafters!

    This month has been very excited for us and I would like to tell about some changes/improvements and upcoming updates for the GoliCraft server.

    Changes to Server Seasons

    We have decided to make Seasons instead of a reset when it requires the most. This is for making the gameplay less boring and to help and make a good start for new players joining GoliCraft. We will also try to do massive changes on for example gameplay or add new features to the game mode every season.

    What Games Has Seasons
    Survival - One season lasts for 90 to 100 days. It depends. (( Season started
    SkyBlock - One season lasts for 90 to 100 days. It depends. (( Season started
    LootWars - One season lasts for 45 days ((Season started:

    Upcoming Updates
    We have a lot in the storage. Things we want to develop and release. So, so much! Sadly we can't expand too much because of the lack of players required to have fun and playing together.

    Network Levels and Quests
    This will be just amazing! Before your name, it will say [37] meaning you are in level [37] on the GoliCraft network. You can obtain XP needed to rank up by almost everything on the server. This system will be just great and will release soon.

    Quests are sort of challenges with prices. When you finish quests for example: "Get 500 Kills" you will receive Golets and of course XP to rankup your Network Level. This is why Network Levels needs to be released before Quests. On Survival and SkyBlock the rewards will be Money, Golets and XP.

    Practice 3.0 - 1v1 BedWars, KoTH & MLG Rush
    Yeh, It is hard to go into all the details and work fixing these things but it needs to be done. I remember a long time ago when Practice was super fun and like everyone played it. Sadly that's not how it is today.

    I will call it Practice 3.0 because of the 2.0 was a test of the new setup of Practice. 3.0 should be a new generation of Practice servers offering more fun games to "practice" or just to have a good time playing.

    For me, it is just fun to release BedWars again and I got some requests for it. So I would like to move BedWars to the Practice server (but only competitive maps) to make it variating and more fun.

    We will also re-code MLG Rush to make it fits better the Practice server. With high-quality stats, map, and performance fixes.

    Prison 3.0
    We had 1.0 and 2.0. That was fun? Yeh, at the beginning.......

    After a huge, huge, huge amount of players asking what I will do with Prison, I finally got my answer. I will do my very best to make it interesting and playing more. I will drop the fukin high expensive ranks. I do not know what's going into my mind when I sat up these prices. f*k I was a scumbag. I am sorry but will do my very best to make your money spend "worth it"

    New features will come. OMG MINING IS SO BORING! Yeh I know m8. Therefore I will do it more fun with custom enchanted pickaxes and a new bunch of explosives to do the work for yah.

    I have a lot on my mind so just be prepared.

    1.13 Classic Survival
    Finally, Minecraft succeeds in releasing a fun and interesting version of Minecraft. Since my survival is just with "hardcore pro gamers" I would like to release a peaceful survival with more like a roleplay only for 1.13+. The economy is Gold and the only way to get it is thru mining. The shop will be villages and so on ... I will not play it but I do this for the high request of this even it exists a lot of servers with 1.13 survival.

    This is just my plan. At the moment I do not go to school. Unfortunately, there is a lack of learning places the place I live (Oslo, Akershus etc), and I still work to get one. If I'm lucky enough to get a seat, I'll regret getting less active, but I'll be implementing it hopefully. I hope you understand.

    Thanks for all the support and love. #MakeGoliCraftGreatAgain
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    gi meg ranken 69 ellers så skal jeg sakesøke dere for mobbing !!! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
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