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Announcement SURVIVAL SEASON 14

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Goli, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Hey guys! We are so excited for Season 14 and have added a bunch of new stuff, improved a lot and corrected all bugs! We hope this season will be really fun and entertaining. Previous seasons have given us a lot of experience of what you liked and what you didn't. With our 2 community meetings, our players have shared all their thoughts and contributed.

    Start Of The Word: 1 hour PvP-Protection (hit someone to disable it)
    Donators will receive their money in 24 Hour (6 PM CET Tomorrow)
    Nether is 1000x1000 and reset every 4th Week
    The End is 5,000x5,000 and will contain Elytras and End Cities
    Main World is 7,500x7,500 and you can use /wild
    NEW! Combat Pets:
    Each pet has its own ability. This is obtainable in Crates, Shop and can be rewarded in different events

    NEW! Fish Contests:
    Every 3rd hour our players can compete in getting the biggest and rarest fish. First, second and third prize will receive rewards.

    NEW! Bosses (Not yet released due to bugs)
    Each hour it will spawn dangerous monsters that will drop amazing loot when killed. This can also be bought in our Shop but will contain even better rewards

    NEW! Conquests
    Each 3th hour a chest will spawn in a random location in the world. When you try to open the chest OP monsters will protect it. Can you beat them all?

    NEW! Souls
    Monsters have a low chance to drop Souls when killed. Go to the trader and trade your souls for rare and great items such as Repair Tokens, wands.

    NEW! Guilds
    This is our new clan and claiming system. Level up your guild to unlock new perks such as vaults, homes, sizes and more. Type /g help in-game for a list of all commands.

    Season 14 changelog
    • Fixed Custom Enchants Ancient book max-level bug
    • Added VoteParty
    • Buffed KoTH Rewards
    • Added Weekly and Monthly KoTH
    • New spawn and PvP Arena
    • Updated the Tutorial
    • Added 1.12 blocks
    • Fixed Grinder kit
    • Updated CustomEnchants list
    • Updated Marriage System
    • New fish prizes (more fun to fish now)
    • Added PvP Protection on first-join
    • Changed to 15 lottery tickets instead of 5
    • Disabled crafting for Golden apple, beacon, wool, hopper
    • Everyone has 1 Player Warp
    • New X-ray system with autoban
    • Updated ChestShop
    • New /shop prices
    • Made it easier to get XP
    • Added new crates with better rewards
    • Nerfed Head Hunting
    • Revamped Repair Tokens (max 5 tiers, better durabilities)
    • Bar Gambling comeback
    • Chunk Loaders is cheaper
    • New Hopper that only take skulls
    • Hopper speed improved
    • New rewards for chat-reaction
    • Revamped Money Pouches
    • Revamped Vote Fly
    • Removed /missions (working on new quest system)
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    Er ikke det litt dumt a? hvis man har flaks kan man jo bare finne masse