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Announcement Survival Classic finally arrived at GoliCraft

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Goli, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Mar 2, 2018
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    Hello GoliCrafters,

    Today I am so happy to announce that Survival Classic finally has arrived at GoliCraft. This gamemode is created by it's name and it is addictive and fun! Great experience with no lag! Sadly 1.14 has a lot of issues at the moment, but mojang will fix it so don't worry!

    Server Features

    Sell Shop

    The shop is optimized for only the possibility to sell items to create yourself a stable economy. The reason why we only have a Sell Shop is because we want our players to gather everything by themself or buy from others to create a sort of Market Community.

    "A picture of the /shop main-menu"

    Auction House
    The Auction House is our way to let players sell items easily thru a GUI. You can both Sell, Buy or create Bids. The command to open the Auction House is /ah or /auctionhouse

    Player Shop And Warp

    You can also create your own ChestShop to sell or buy items. To create the shop like a market you can add your own Warp! Type /gwarps create when you stand on the location you want your warp on. Type /warp Tutorial for an guide on how to create a ChestShop

    Combat mechanics

    To ensure that our players play fair we have added a CombatLog system. Wich means if you are in combat and log out you will be punished.

    You can also DISABLE or ENABLE pvp whenever you want. Type /pvp toggle (or /pvp on, /pvp off). When you have toggled it is a 30 minute cooldown to toggle back again. This is to prevent abuse of this system.

    Claiming System

    We use Shovel Claiming for our claiming system. This was top-voted by our players on a Discord-Poll. Type /claimtool to receive a tool. Every player starts with 200 blocks and can buy more from the Claimblocks shop. Type /claimblocks to open that shop.

    "This is the square that is being created when you select two corners with the Golden Shovel"

    You can view a list of all useful commands in-game by warping to our tutorial, /warp tutorial.

    Still in Alpha
    This gamemode is easly developed. But we are not done creating this to the best 1.14 vanilla classic server ever! If you have any suggestions or requests please message me at the forums, reply to this thread or send me a PM at Discord.

    Alpha 0.1

    Best Regards,
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    HÃ¥kon det ser kjempe bra ut <3