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News Summer Update #2

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    Hello GoliCrafters,

    For the past days I have worked a lot on the server. This week was my vacation from my real-life job and I have dedicated that vacation to work on my other job instead, golicraft. But I haven't worked all alone, nope. I have a great, great team who is always here to help me when it's needed.

    Tutorials, Golets Shop and Network Levels

    Server Tutorial + Gamemode Showcases!
    A great way to help our players know more about GoliCraft and the most important things, we have finally added tutorials to the Lobby!

    Right-click the figure to start the Tutorial. The reward for completing is 500 Golets and 1,000 Network XP

    New Golets Shop

    A long awaited update, our Golets has finally got a great value again! After hearing numerius times that golets isn't worth anything we have finally changed that for sure. We have added more variation of each category and have added four new categories! Tags, Join messages, Treasures and Companions

    Along with the new categories we have also added the ability to buy perks such as Ride Pets, Rename Companions and more!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is a preview of how our new Shop is built. Really easy to navigate and use

    Network Levels Revamped
    Because we love our players and would do all the best for them I have dedicated my time to buff the rewards plus added a lot of new ways to obtain Network XP. We have added a total of 250 levels!

    New Goli Hunt and Parkour Rewards Buffed

    Goli Hunt

    More fun added back to the lobby! What's better than hunting down all my 100 heads spread into the hub and get greatly rewarded. When we are done building the rest of the Lobby we will for sure add more heads for you guys to hunt down.

    Parkour Re-Added plus Rewards Buffed
    Everyone loves parkour. Now I have added back the famous unlimited-parkour with buffed rewards.

    .. Also if you reach level xxx you get a FREE ParkourPro Tag!

    New Tags and Join Messages Added

    Thanks to our community I hosted a competiton for my Discord users to create most Tags and Join Messages. And as a result we have added over 40 new tags and 15 new join messages along with redesigned some of the old tags!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This are some of the new Tags we have added. The "LevelX" tags is obtained by reaching level 50 and upper.

    Other Network Improvements and Updates
    • Added Mythical Crate to KitPvP
    • Fixed KoTH team-bugs at Practice
    • Reduced KoTH timer to 45 seconds at Practice
    • Added back and buffed rewards for GoliHunt
    • Added back and buffed rewards for Parkour
    • Created a Server Tutorial with great rewards
    • Created a Gamemode Showcase with great rewards
    • Added a Creative Top Rated Plots Leaderboard
    • Added more commands at Creative Spawn
    • Added /plot visit <name> permission for Donators at Creative
    • Revamped /boat and /waterslide in the Lobby
    • Revamped Banner maker and Painting system for our EULA Ranks
    • Fixed issues with Auto Restart
    • Added the possibility to create your own kit at Practice
    • Updated the webstore a lot
    • Fixed voting issues (you can now vote again)
    • Improved Network Levels
    • Revamped Golets Shop
    • Added Repair Tokens to /shop at Survival

    A huge thank-you to @Xybez (Placed GoliHunt heads), @s1rkel (CustomKit at Practice) @Spyron (Updated my webstore + configured new levels to networklevels), @c1rcl (Revamped Tags, Golets Shop and more!) @danieluWu (Helped me with Tutorials) and with builds thank-you to @N0raa (The now the new leader of TeamGoli with me), @vitly, @Qustrix, @Bluiez (for helping/staying in TeamGoli)

    And a huge thank-you to @ImGunnar for helping with all the recent developments. I really appricate it. Also @VelocityKill and @FerocityKill for creating ideas for Lost In Space with me. Also @Lim3 for his recent idea regarding our new soon-releasing gamemode PvP Mashup. Also I would like to thank you my current Staff Team and I am so happy what we have created and maintaned :angel:
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