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Announcement Staff Applications are open!

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    Hi, Players!
    We have decided to open the Moderator applications again! We are looking for active and well experienced moderators. If you feel like you fit the job please consider applying! :kiss:


    What we require from every moderator.
    • Be 14 years or older
    • Have a working and good quality Microphone
    • You need to be able to use these following applications:
    • Discord (Text communication)
    • TeamSpeak (Oral communication)
    • Have a working recording software
    • Good English experience.


    On Golicraft we write applications if they were essays, you can of course use formats too. We recommend writing at least 700 words, but the length of the application have nothing to say if the application has a lot of good information. If you want any tips on what to write in your application click here! :joyful:



    Rules to be aware of before you apply
    • You need to write your own application. If we find out that someone else has written your application, there are possibilities that you might be blacklisted from applying.

    • You can't have any content posted to any platforms (on your own accounts) of you breaking any of the rules on GoliCraft.

    • You have to wait at least 1 month before applying again if your last application was denied.

    • As a Moderator, you need to be aware that players' information and messages that you have access to, can not be shared in any way or form. This is extremely important!

    • You need to write your moderator application in English.

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