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Announcement New Lobby and Network Improvements

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Goli, Apr 7, 2020.

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    ➜ New Lobby
    This may be the 20th Lobby I have ever had on GoliCraft but I can for sure say it's one of the bests. Some weeks ago I released our new server logo which is going to present GoliCraft from now on. I got a lot of feedback that the logo didn't fit and was unrealistic. Now I am glad that I can show you my almost-final product.

    • Revamped Cosmetics
      I am really excited about this all-new system! The hub is actually designed to make it easy and fun to use cosmetics and have a good time chilling and chatting. The new system contains 559+ different cosmetics and everyone can find them all in Mystery Boxes! The way you receive mystery boxes is with Mystery dust. You can craft Tier 1 to 5 with mystery dust.
      - Tier 1 : 100 Mystery Dusts required (10% off for Eula ranks!)
      - Tier 2 : 200 Mystery Dusts required (10% off for Eula ranks!)
      - Tier 3 : 300 Mystery Dusts required (10% off for Eula ranks!)
      - Tier 4 : 500 Mystery Dusts required (10% off for Eula ranks!)
      - Tier 5 : 650 Mystery Dusts required (10% off for Eula ranks!)

    • Ralph The Rewarder
      You can now claim your rewards again and receive free Golets, mystery dust and network exp!

    • Better performance
      Along with the updates, a lot of time has been used to troubleshoot issues that made the server slow and laggy. I have fixed 3/4 of them and the last one is almost impossible to find. I will spend more time troubleshooting later but now I would just like to get this update out and continue to the next thing which is ????.
    • Cake Clicker
      But the most important thing... Cake Clicker! Yes you heard right. A nice super fun and exciting lobby game. No need for macros or auto-clicker because my anti-cheat will just auto-ban you :/! Play fair and come on the leaderboards. Who will bake the most cakes?


    • Games planned
      The Dropper, TNT Run and Block Party v3
    ➜ Network Improvements
    We haven't just worked with the lobby when we had downtime. We used the opportunity to re-create other important factors of the server and continue to build up a solid system which we will have with us in many years from now.
    • Playtime rewards and stats
      It is always fun to see how much you have played and get rewards for your playtime too. This is exactly what we did!

    • Friends and Party system
      In For a long time, it has been many problems with our system. This required us to set up the whole core again and sadly reset all your friends. The good thing is that it won't happen again and that the server runs much better now. I have listed how many each rank has access to. Keep in mind that this list can change in the near future.
      - Default : 30 Friends
      - Gold : 50 Friends
      - Diamond : 80 Friends
      - Emerald : 125 Friends
      - Legend : 175 Friends
      - GOD : 300 Friends
      - Goliath : 500 Friends
      - Hero : 100 Friends
      - Mega : 150 Friends
      - Ultra : 300 Friends

    • Revamped Network Levels
      I am still testing out the new system and will improve it every day. A lot of work has been put into making this balancing and fun as possible. The point is that your Level shows how "dedicated" GoliCraft player you are along with every level-up you will receive mystery dust which is used to craft mystery boxes.

      Note: This is not what the time has been used to! This had been done in a day. Most of the time has going to figure out why 2 of my players are constantly being disconnected when they login to the hub server, survival server but not Practice, PvP Mashup, etc! No.. it is not 1.12.2 that's the problem. I still trying to fix this but it has taken me 2+ days. And at this time I regret to spend so much time on these issues.
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