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Announcement LootWars -The final changes

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Goli, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Mar 2, 2018
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    ... Hello GoliCrafters,

    It's finally time to announce the release of LootWars v2. LootWars have been one of our main custom gamemodes where you can't find anywhere else. With all the new things being added and changes being done I can guarantee you this will be the most epic pvp gamemode out there (that's my opinion tho).



    New Map; Smaller but easier to track down enemies!

    The map is a supriseee, just login to see it yourself. As it says in the title the map is smaller and that's a good thing because of how hard it was to track down players on previus maps. But the map isn't actually smaller because it contains a huge cave system and in newer versions we will add sky-islands too. This will be sick!
    • Good to know; Map Spots To give you the best experience as possible I gonna give you some tips and tricks how to rock'n roll on this map. Just kidding, you need to explore the map yourself to find all the advantages!
    • King Of The Hill Spoiler; The new map includes a vulcano. Capture the top to receive a Treasure Key wich you can use to obtain extra overpowered and rare stuff
    New things to obtain in a fun way
    My number one main priority is to create fun and variating gameplay where it's always something new todo/win. And with these improvements I am positive that LootWars will be much more fun to play. The first thing I'll added is the Ender Vault. After 5x kills you receive a key to the Ender Vault and can open it for Tier 4/5 items. The second thing is our new enchantment system where it is no limits what enchantment you can get and how op you will be. You can find Xp-Bottles in chests or kill mobs/animals.

    New items; Much more balanced

    In the past versions we have got a lot of feedback where players complain "it is too hard to start from scretch when everyone is op" or that "it is too boring to play because it's too easy to be maxed" and other related complainings. So to fix this we have revamped the gear and rarity/chances of finding items/gear in chests. From now on you need to collect diamonds and craft your own gear. Or collect gold ingots to craft golden apples. Much more balanced and harder to get maxed.

    ▶ Ranking & Kits System

    Everyone loves to be competetive, or at-least I do. Therefor we've added the same ranking system as BW FFA. +7 points on kill and -3 on death. We've also added back kits so you can get a fair start when spawning on the map. The Default kit now includes Iron gear as default so it is much easier to survive when you spawn back on the map. And in the future we will release a lot of new kits.

    ▶ Thats it! Now it's time for the changelog

    • Added back Supply Packages
    • Max Team Size set to 3 players
    • Revamped all loot and kits
    • Added Points Ranking system
    • Released a new map
    • Fixed all previus bugs
    • Added Ender Vaults and Treasure Chests
    • Added back Tier 3 chests
    • Added Leaderboards
    • Added Quests
    • Added Flint And Steel in Chests
    • Added Xp-Bottles in Chests
    • Added Apples in Chests
    • Added Axes in Chests
    • and much more...
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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Suggestion: Command - /team invite <player> + /team chat
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    Aug 20, 2019
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    Lets goo it will be awesome