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Announcement GoliCraft V5 Release (April 24th)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Solyze, Apr 23, 2021.

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    GoliCraft V5 (April 24th)

    Welcome to GoliCraft V5, the long awaited update! For over a month now,
    we have been working on revamping the entire server, and creating a new
    experience for our amazing community. If you haven't seen the announcements
    we've posted on Discord previously, I have a lot to inform you about :smile:
    This thread will basically recap of a lot of what has been said on Discord.

    Obviously, when a lot of you think about GoliCraft, one of the first things you
    may think about is the past (Unless you're new here). And personally, something
    that takes me back into the memory lane is our past lobbies. Finally, we've brought
    back some of the old memories, as you will see on the day of the release! Yes, we
    have gotten one of our old hubs back, and we are excited to show you! This hub
    contains a lot of awesome features, and is arguably one of the most recognizable
    hubs GoliCraft has ever had.

    We have not only been working on the relase, but a lot more that you will be seeing
    soon! We have been working on some new gamemodes and I'm sure you'd all be
    excited if you knew what it was, trust me. As said on Discord, there is a total of 4
    gamemodes planned to be announced after the release. Stay tuned for that, you'll love!

    What's new?

    Obviously, there's a lot. And no way would we be able to add everything new into this thread,
    but I'll go a little in depth about some of the key features. First of all, we've spent a lot of time
    doing some behind the scenes work that won't be seen by all of you. And a lot of that is most
    likely stuff you won't understand or won't really care about, like improving our staff modules and
    cores. This might not be noticeable at all. But on to some of the more visible things, like adding
    some usages to golets, revamping our tags & join messages system, an entirely new layout and
    some more you'll see once you actually join the server yourself. We obviously have some new
    builds etc. which you will also notice :smile: As said before, one of the main reasons behind this
    update was to bring back a little bit of the "Old GoliCraft", and we think we have succeeded
    in doing that.

    Network & Global Unban

    As I've already said, we have been working on the enitre network, and adding a ton
    of new features to increase the game experience, and one of these features is this - We
    introduce to you, Karen! Karen is our brand new anticheat - we hope and pray that Karen
    will do a good job when it comes to keeping the server clean from rulebreakers and cheaters!
    If she has a problem with one of you, she will talk to the managers and have you removed
    from the server :p We have also added a BLC CPS limiter, so all users playing with the
    Badlion Client will now be limited to a total of 20 CPS. Bans have also been made public,
    so if you break the rules and get punished, your name will be broadcasted to everyone
    (just the name, no reason or duration). We have also added a checkmark for everyone
    that is playing with the Badlion AntiCheat enabled.

    That's all for now, we hope to see you on the release, and we are very excited!
    You can view a live countdown for the release here.
    For more information about
    the release or our gamemodes, I'd highly advice you to join our Discord server
    where we do multiple things like post announcements, host giveaways and more!
    here to join it. Keep an eye out, as we may also keep posting more sneak
    peeks there :wink2:

    All of us at GoliCraft
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