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Announcement GoliCraft Build Competition Week #1

Discussion in 'Archive' started by EvenX, Mar 25, 2020.

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    GoliCraft Build Competition
    Hello GoliCrafters!

    So instead of regular events this week, we have decided to host a
    building competition for everyone! The competition will last one week and has
    the theme "Adventure". This theme is a little difficult but
    the rewards will make it pay off. Every player will get free worldedit and voxelsniper
    during this week. We recommend you use the size 2x2 (To get a plot this size, use /plot auto 2,
    You can use the size you want, but there is a huge "+" if you use the recommended
    size above.
    The competition will start Friday 27.03.2020 and end on the 3rd of April (Friday 03.04.2020). After that event, week #2 will start (New rules, themes, and rewards).

    1st place
    - 1x BuyCraft Giftcard (Value depending on the build), 1x Tag

    2nd place
    - 1x BuyCraft Giftcard (Value depending on the build)

    3rd place
    - 1x BuyCraft Giftcard (Value depending on the build)

    We are going to evaluate you on these four things.

    - Terrain
    - Details
    - Creativity
    - Block choice

    If you violate these rules, you will be disqualified from the competition.
    - No inappropriate builds
    - No form for getting others to build for you.
    - No helping others.
    - No schematic allowed.
    - Build can only be related to the theme (Survival Games)
    - Otherwise, follow every global rule on the server.

    To compete, you need to register your details on this google forms link. If
    you haven't registered, you will not be evaluated and not be in the competition.

    Please register here

    Thanks for being a part of the golicraft network!
    Good luck everyone.