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Important A new beginning

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by EvenX, Feb 1, 2021.

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    A new beginning
    Golicraft has been through a lot of ups and downs. I personally can only see a bright future for GoliCraft,
    and this is the first step to get back up on the horse, to get back in our prime.
    Golicraft was crated in late 2014 and has been the leading Norwegian server with unique features for the past 5 years.
    That time is over, it's time for a change, the Minecraft community has changed a lot, and it's time we change as well.

    GoliCraft New Guidelines
    We in the management team has decided to update some of our "old" guidelines and ways to do things. The things
    we will be changing soon, and the things that have been changed:

    • We will no longer do unban applications and/or complaints in discord tickets, DMS, or discord server. You can only apply for unban on the forums from now on.
    • If you have been banned for cheating, you can now apply for unban on the forum, if you admit to using cheats, we will give you a second chance and reduce your ban to 30 days.
    More changes to come in the future.

    Gamemodes, Network, and Community
    GoliCraft was built on players' opinions. We listen to our community down to the smallest detail, that is because we believe in democracy and want your opinion in the server's future. Somethings will be decided by the management, but almost everything is about getting each player's opinion. GoliCraft will continue this trend and keep listening to everyone.

    GoliCraft has a break from September to December 2020, because everyone needed to take a break. Now we're back on full-time. We work harder than ever. With a new hub and updated gamemodes, we hope to expand our network and really form the community to become something bigger and brighter than it once was. We are working every day to give you the gamemodes you want. We gave you practice, we gave you OP: Prison, and we give you Survival Season 1. What's next? Bring it!

    The network. In order for us to expand our network, we need your help. The only solution for GoliCraft to grow is through an English community. Since the summer of 2018, we have had: 44,549 unique logins. This means 44,000+ unique players have logged on since the summer of 2018. We have also had 127,090 hours of playtime since the summer of 2018. We are extremely thankful for everyone. Still, the point is our server has normally 20-50 daily players. If we had converted our community language into English, maybe the server could have hundreds of daily players. The Norwegian Minecraft community basically does not exist anymore. That's why we know the only solution is to migrate to the English community in order to get back on the horse and grow our community. We need your help, and we hope and pray that you will help us. From now on we will award players that talk all the time.

    The server ranks
    There has been a lot of confusion around the new rank system. Well, I want to explain it to everyone.
    Each "bigger game mode" will have its own ranks, game modes like these are: OP prison, survival, skyblock, factions.. etc. For smaller game modes such as practice, minigames, survival games, hub... etc. Hub and practice have their own ranks called "Network Ranks". These ranks are 100% EULA-based, cheaper, and more of a "supportive" purchase. If you buy a network rank, you will not get the rank on survival or op prison, only on practice and hub and all other minigame-related servers. If you buy a rank on op prison or survival, you will not get it in hub or practice, only on that game mode. The reason we are doing this is so we can give out more ranks, have them seasonal, have more often giveaways, and easier to balance it in the long term. If purchased a rank before 01.12.2020 you will be given the rank on all servers, or as close to the value you bought the rank for. If you are missing your rank in-game type /missingrank in-game and follow the instructions.

    Open positions
    We are currently not hiring staff, you can apply for a staff role here but it will be put on hold until we're hiring. What we currently are looking for is Builders & Promoters. If you have any experience as a builder and want to work with us on future projects and builds, apply here. The GoliCraft BuildTeam is a great way to learn and work with others, as well getting experience on how to work in a team and work with other builders. We are also looking for promoters. If you are a promoter or know a promoter, message us on our discord here. This is a paid position!

    Nitro Rewards
    As a extra thank you to out beautiful nitro boosters we give out rewards to each and anyone. We also give out crates and lootboxes if you boost for more than a specific time. These are our current nitro booster rewards:
    When boosted:

    • Access to /fly in hub.
    • A cool looking nitro booster tag
    Boosted for 3+ months:
    • 10$ store giftcard
    • 2x Infinity keys on survival & 2x Legandary keys on OP Prison.
    Boosted for 6+ months:
    • 3x Best crate keys on survival & Op Prison, 2x Lootboxes on survival.
    Boosted for 1+ year:
    • 1x Rank upgrade (Example: Gold->Diamond // God->Goliath)
    • 10x Best crate keys on survival/prison
    If you cancel your boost we will remove the perks.
    The nitro program will start on February, 15th 2021.

    This is the most important gamemode to a lot of you. We have listened to your suggestions and we have created a survival season with a lot of features but the most important thing, the "PvP". Survival has a lot of features and some of them will be listed below. This season we had a problem with our ranks. Since we created a new system, we have to give everyone their rank manually this season, so if you are missing your rank, open a ticket on our discord and tell us your ign and your rank. Next season everything will be automatic. Survival will release Saturday, 6th of February @ 6 PM GMT+1 // 5 PM GMT // 12 PM EST // 5 PM BST. If you also want to have an extra peek behind the curtains, watch our trailer for survival here.
    A few features

    • Gangs & Gang fights/war
    • Daily events -> KoTH, Fishing, Conquest & Bosses
    • Weekly giveaways
    • Lootboxes & Crates
    • Kits & God Kits
    • Custom Terrain
    • Claiming
    • + a lot more!
    Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you are exited to join us as we go into this new chapter
    of the GoliCraft Network.

    Kind regards, The Management!
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