SkyBlock is coming to GoliCraft on the 7th of October, and it will be awesome. So be ready, 7th of October 6 PM CEST for an experience you will never forget.

Read about tips, tricks and cool futures you'll only find on GoliCraft @ https://forum.golicraft.no/wiki/skyblock/

We are happy to announce that moderator applications are back up. The reason for this is that we've seen a growth in the player count, and to make everyone satisfied with their support, we need to have enough moderators to give you the best player experience. If you think you have the competence to moderate a server, offer much time to the job, talk to other people and be a person anyone can go to, this is the job for you.

If you need help or if you're having a struggle thinking of what to put in your application, I strongly recommend you checking out this (click) thread.
But keep in mind: All applicants that aren't 13 years old or older will be denied without exception.

Good luck with your applications,...

Hello GoliCrafters! As you've probably already seen, LootWars season 1 has started, and the game is on. With that being said, season 1 brings a lot of cool new futures, such as a new map, new loot, KOTH, and a new ranking system.

Season 1 will also be a competition, and the player with the most kills will win a 30$ GoliCraft store coupon, the second place will win a 10$ coupon, and third place will win a 5$ coupon. If the game mode becomes a big success, the winner prizes will raise, and maybe you will stand on the top as the winner of LootWars season 1.

(( Canceled because of no competition. NO PAYOUTS ))
We will maybe try again next Season

New game mode on GameSwitch

UHC FFA has been on GoliCraft for a very long time, but sadly got removed. We are now happy to say that it will be playable on GameSwitch for a limited time, so play it while you can!

Hope you enjoy the updates, and hopefully,...
Hello GoliCrafters,

Staff updates
Sadly @Beeenjamin has come to the conclusion to quit as Administrator here at GoliCraft. He have made allot of changes, helped with so many things and was so trustable. 3 good months m8! Very happy that you was a part of the Administration and couldn't think about anyone better that time. Now you have got new interests and I'm happy on your side. Good luck further and thank you. Well deserved VIP.
(He officialy quited friday and from that day I got the time to find a new Administration before we announce it.)

Also @S0lrike quited some days ago. He joined when i took the stunt to change to International. That was the time I needed most motivation and with him we've fixed up the systems that failed at GoliCraft, took decisions together and created so much good and fun. And it's more to come but that...