Reset Bundle

To kick off survival season 10, you can now purchase the new Reset Bundle.
With this, you will get a quick head start, and you’re ready to start grinding mobs, and mining with the new Trench Pickaxe.
This bundle also comes with a money pouch, spawners, sell Wands, Harvester Hoes, Sorting Wands and more!

Go to (http://store.golicraft.net/category/1234722) and check it out!

Survival release TODAY 5 PM CEST (17:00 UST+2)
Survival release

Survival season 10 is kicking off the 20th of October 5 PM CEST, and it will bring loads of cool futures to GoliCraft. New world, new claiming system, new gang system, and a brand new digital map! Make sure to check the updates out @ https://forum.golicraft.no/wiki/survival/

Hope to see all of you!
On behalf of the staff,
Hello, lovely GoliCrafters! I will write this thread on Norwegian because I want EVERYONE to understand what I'm talking about.

Nytt Claiming system
Det stemmer! Etter mange prøvelser av det forskjellige har jeg nå funnet ut at ingen passer serverens behov. Bedrock Claim var for simpelt og GriefPrevention (spade claim) var altfor vanskelig. Det gikk dessverre heller ikke ann å kombinere disse to Claiming systeme

Derfor introduserer jeg Season 10 claiming system:
Factions! Factions er et perfekt claiming system for både å spille avlene eller med en stor vennegjeng/clan! Factions er navnet på claiming systemet og serveren blir derfor IKKE FACTIONS. Factions handler om raiding og slikt noe Survival ikke byr på.

Claime med powers
Likt som Bedrock Claim og Spade Claim så må du kjøpe blocks for å kunne claime mer. Dette vil selvsagt også bli mulig med Factions. Når du claimer så claimer du med POWER som du har. Jeg vil gjøre at det blir mulig å kjøpe POWERS...
Announcement SkyBlock Changes
Okay guys. This is my first season with SkyBlock and I need time to try out and find out whats best. Recently allot of you have complained about not making enough profit on the farms. I would like to try out this season with experimental sell prices (allot higher) and see how it goes.

WHY? This will make the gameplay more fun. When you have allot of money to buy spawners you will just upgrade and purchase more and more. I would like to try out this method.

As one skyblock season lasts 90 days I am not sure how long this season will be, but I will do my very best to make everyone happy and to follow their suggestions

Best Regards.