SkyBlock is coming to GoliCraft on the 7th of October, and it will be awesome. So be ready, 7th of October 6 PM CEST for an experience you will never forget.

Read about tips, tricks and cool futures you'll only find on GoliCraft @ https://forum.golicraft.no/wiki/skyblock/

We are happy to announce that moderator applications are back up. The reason for this is that we've seen a growth in the player count, and to make everyone satisfied with their support, we need to have enough moderators to give you the best player experience. If you think you have the competence to moderate a server, offer much time to the job, talk to other people and be a person anyone can go to, this is the job for you.

If you need help or if you're having a struggle thinking of what to put in your application, I strongly recommend you checking out this (click) thread.
But keep in mind: All applicants that aren't 13 years old or older will be denied without exception.

Good luck with your applications, and we look forward to working with some of you in the future.

On behalf of the staff,

Hello GoliCrafters! As you've probably already seen, LootWars season 1 has started, and the game is on. With that being said, season 1 brings a lot of cool new futures, such as a new map, new loot, KOTH, and a new ranking system.

Season 1 will also be a competition, and the player with the most kills will win a 30$ GoliCraft store coupon, the second place will win a 10$ coupon, and third place will win a 5$ coupon. If the game mode becomes a big success, the winner prizes will raise, and maybe you will stand on the top as the winner of LootWars season 1.

(( Canceled because of no competition. NO PAYOUTS ))
We will maybe try again next Season

New game mode on GameSwitch

UHC FFA has been on GoliCraft for a very long time, but sadly got removed. We are now happy to say that it will be playable on GameSwitch for a limited time, so play it while you can!

Hope you enjoy the updates, and hopefully, we will get back to you with another update soon.

On behalf of the staff,
Hello GoliCrafters,

Staff updates
Sadly @Beeenjamin has come to the conclusion to quit as Administrator here at GoliCraft. He have made allot of changes, helped with so many things and was so trustable. 3 good months m8! Very happy that you was a part of the Administration and couldn't think about anyone better that time. Now you have got new interests and I'm happy on your side. Good luck further and thank you. Well deserved VIP.
(He officialy quited friday and from that day I got the time to find a new Administration before we announce it.)

Also @S0lrike quited some days ago. He joined when i took the stunt to change to International. That was the time I needed most motivation and with him we've fixed up the systems that failed at GoliCraft, took decisions together and created so much good and fun. And it's more to come but that aren't really prioritized atm. (The gamemodes are more important) So without him im not sure if I had succeed with all the work being done to release a bugfree server and more. He was my helping hand and was very helpful. Not just helped him me, but he was really a good friend with me and everyone else on the server.

I introduce you GoliCraft's new Administration
@N0raa :
Hello there! My name is Nora, also known as N0raa. I’m one of the new administrators here on Golicraft.

I’ve been playing here for about 3 years now, and this is the place where I have recieved all the experience and knowledge I have today. Through this time I’ve seen a lot of changes on the server, and now I want to be a part of the changes that will come in the future.

I will mostly focus on making the community better for our players. I want to make this community a fun thing to be a part of. By hosting events for for everyone to join, we can all make it possible to become more connected with eachother.

@Axzentiq :
Hey, my username is Axzentiq!
I’m a new administrator here at Golicraft.
Now I will tell you what role I have, what to contribute, and my previous actions at Golicraft.

I want to train new recruits well and understandably in the easiest way.
Will at the same time focus on the community around Golicraft, and the environment between all players.

My role will be written work, control of staff members and communication between players and staff members.
Having a previous period of Golicraft like a troll, drifted with various fractures and irritation, but that time was not something I'm proud of and are over for sure. :smile:

I am looking forward to this and are excited for the feature of GoliCraft.

Best Regards,
Goli and the staff team
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will introduce for you our new PvP based gamemode at GoliCraft. Making this is a dream come true for the revolution of competitive, strategic, fun and enjoyable gameplay. Introducing BuildFFA!

BuildFFA is based on different PvP, strategic and build styles. Everyone starts with a default kit and can later purchase new classes with Golets.

Default kit

The game is also based on different types of MLG. Use your cobweb before you land to not take fall damage. In other kits, you can get slimeblocks and ladders to dodge the ground.

The map (Version 1)

Yes, it is based on a playground BedWars map. We did this that way since we would like more intense and strategic fights including knocking players off or build easily on the map. (Sort of SkyPVP)

The map includes different island biomes to make it more variated. 8 different islands with 1 spawn including a KoTH (King of the Hill sort off)

The KoTH

The KoTH is every 10 minutes and the capture time is 1 minute. The winner of the KoTH will either receive a Strength I (3 minutes) or Strength II (1 minute).

Other goodies
- Every kill you will receive 5x Blocks (+ Golets)
- Every killstreak you will receive 8x blocks, 3x arrows, 1x cobweb (+ Golets)
- Killstreak on 10, 15, 30, 40 .... you will receive 1x TNT (+ Golets)
- custom items such as Gravity Bombs

Loot Crates
Every 5th minute 10 to 25 LootCrates will spawn on the map. When you right-click a Loot Crate you can receive one of the following items:

- 1 to 2x Gravity Bombs
- 1 to 2x TNT
- 1 to 2x Enderpearls
- 1x Knockback:2 stick

New ranking system
Instead of adding points after your name "[1992] Goli: Hi" we will add a ranking system with real titles such as "[Beginner] Goli: Hi I'm 100% noob" All the ranks will be posted at our forums and will be obtained when you reach x kills.

Other things that are improved/added:
- Launch Pads from where you spawn to the map
- A new and better EditKit system
- More balanced and cheaper kits purchased with Golets!
- The fall damage is heavily reduced.
- and much more ...

I am very excited to release this and I'm looking forward to feedback and suggestions. Thank you for reading and I hope you join the release. RELEASE DATE IS NOT YET SET (BUT WILL BE THIS WEEK)

Best regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I would like to announce our new system, Bundles at our store!


Bundles will be released when it is special events or holidays. The bundles will contain unique perks and loot that you can't find or purchase without in the bundle and also special deals will contain in a bundle.

The first LIMITED EDITION bundle that will be released is the * Summer Bundle *

for more information visit the store by clicking here.

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!
( I will write this thread in Norwegian so I can reach out to the Norwegian Builders for now. But if you are from another place feel free to apply here)

Mitt navn er Håkon. Siden jeg var liten har jeg interessert meg i bygging og å bruke kreativiteten. Det var mange formål for meg å lage GoliCraft, men en liten del bestod også av at jeg elsket å bygge og det å vise fram mitt verk til andre. Enda bedre er det å vise det fram samtidig som det blir brukt og at spillere får en følelse til maps.

Jeg har vært med i å utvikle byggere til det de er idag, støttet dem og hjulpet dem. Alltid vært der som en hjelpende hånd og tatt alle godt imot. Jeg er stolt over alle jeg har hatt i teamet for og nå se resultatet. TeamGoli har vart i mange år og det er morsomt å tenke på at noen byggere jeg har hatt har en stor rolle i dagens minecraft samfunn over hele verden!

TeamGoli BuildTeam kan tilby
  • Hyggelige med-spillere som bygger samtidig som de har det gøy
  • Et godt og varmt samfunn der vi gjør mye variende, mer enn bare bygging
  • Andre byggere, som meg som veileder og hjelper til når det trengs
  • Fantastiske oppdrag som vil sette ting i perspektiv
  • Forskjellige build-tools og opplæring i dem for å gjøre din byggeopplevelse bedre (GoRiver(snart), GoPaint, GoBrush, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, FAWE)
  • Tilgang til diverse kommandoer og funksjoner på Kreativ serveren
  • Alltid en støtte som hjelper med ideer, prosjekter og annet når det trengs
  • Vi kan gi deg en framtid og bli en enda bedre bygger

Kanskje noe for deg?
Vi er en gjeng med veldig forskjellig personligheter mikset sammen til en medium-stor bygge/kreativ gruppe. Ikke alle som er med i TeamGoli bærer tittelen på GoliCraft siden det er hjelpe-byggere, men de er avlikevell en stor del av teamet.

Selvom GoliCraft serveren i seg selv kanskje ikke er det beste i ditt synspunkt er byggeteamet noe helt unikt. Det byr på utrolig mye morro, utfordringer og mestringsfølelser når du får noe til. Vi tilbyr mye glede og motivasjon og jeg er veldig interessert i å hjelpe og det å bidra i å gjøre en bygger bedre.

Selvsagt, ikke alle har den indre kreativivitet, er en perfeksjonist, like motivert eller glad for å bygge. Derfor søker jeg kun etter spillere som har potensiale i det eller har virkelig lyst og bygger delvis bra.



  • Selvom vi er et byggerteam som byr på mye forskjellig er det et krav om å være god til å bygge
  • Motivert og engasjert i å hjelpe til og å gjøre en forskjell
  • Ingen aldersgrense, vi vurderer utifra det vi ser av bygg du sender inn som eksempler
  • Ha en fungerende mikrofon, discord og teamspeak
  • Være kjent med WorldEdit (Vi kan tilby opplæring i VoxelSniper, GoPaint & GoBrush)
  • Perfeksjonist og lyst til å lansere det den bygger
Søk her:
Send en søknad ved å trykke her

Det er greit! Noen er kanskje usikre eller lurer på noe mer. Ta en uforpliktet prat med meg på Discord:
⊕ム ɢᴏʟɪ ム⊕#9401

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will show you the recent updates of Survival 9.0, changes and improvements. Yesterday (Friday) we've released the Boss battles at /warp boss. The players who kill the bosses will be rewarded.

The Boss Cave

(can get one of the following rewards)

  • 1st place » Ancient Enchantment Book, Legendary Enchantment Book
  • 2nd place » Legendary Enchantment Book, Rare Enchantment Book, Common EnchantmentBook
  • 3rd place » Rare Enchantment Book, Common Enchantment Book, 200$ in-game
  • 4th place » 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 100$ in-game
  • 5th place » 30, 40, 50, 60$ in-game
Survival Crate updates + New Crate coming!
  • Made it possible to win ClaimBlocks in the VoteCrate
  • Made it possible to win ClaimBlocks in the Deluxe Crate
  • Add a new booster of 2,5 in the Deluxe Crate
  • NEW CRATE with the name Mythical Crate (releasing soon)

Updates / Changes
  • Made it possible to buy spawners!
  • New layout added to [item] to show item in-chat
  • Fixed issue with mining sponges
  • Fixed issue with mining lapiz
  • Made it possible to kick annoying placers out of a claim /kfc <name>
  • Added a /boss time command to check the time to next boss battle
  • Some issues with /shop and sell prices are fixed
  • Fixed an issue where you could not click on [info] signs
  • Fixed some Custom Enchantments
  • Added some new auto-broadcasts at Survival

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will announce you for the upcoming updates/changes for the gamemode LootWars (also known as Kistekrigen or GoletsPvP)

Sneak peaks of the Map

Updates / Changes
  • We will add a new/old map (top voted by our players)
  • Instead of the old King Of The Hill will we have King Of The Tower
  • We will add new rewards to be the King Of The Tower
  • New chest items that are more balanced
  • Decrease the enchantments
Yup, that was all. (We will, of course, do more but it isn't necessary to write everything)

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafts!
- Today we've released our massive update to KitPVP. Includes a new map, kits, and some changes.

The new map (Thanks to @RodRuss (main builder), Mike, @Goli and Onlyferaals + @RevenJoakim for some of the trees)

  • Added changes to some kits
  • Changed the prices of some kits (lower prices)
  • Changed the Exp amount needed for rankups
  • Added more ranks/levels
  • Better hit-detection
  • Smoother knockback with no delay
  • Special optimized AntiCheat for KitPVP
  • Better rewards for ranking up
  • New KitPVP map
  • Added so players can drop all items (before it was only soups)
  • Removed the left-click option to heal with soups
Coming soon
  • Last Man Standing event
  • Duels/challenges (1v1)