Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will introduce for you our new PvP based gamemode at GoliCraft. Making this is a dream come true for the revolution of competitive, strategic, fun and enjoyable gameplay. Introducing BuildFFA!

BuildFFA is based on different PvP, strategic and build styles. Everyone starts with a default kit and can later purchase new classes with Golets.

Default kit

The game is also based on different types of MLG. Use your cobweb before you land to not take fall damage. In other kits, you can get slimeblocks and ladders to dodge the ground.

The map (Version 1)

Yes, it is based on a playground BedWars map. We did this that way since we would like more intense and strategic fights including knocking players off or build easily on the map. (Sort of SkyPVP)

The map includes different island biomes to make it more variated. 8 different islands with 1 spawn including a KoTH (King of the Hill sort off)

The KoTH

The KoTH is every 10 minutes and the capture time is 1 minute. The winner of the KoTH will either receive a Strength I (3 minutes) or Strength II (1 minute).

Other goodies
- Every kill you will receive 5x Blocks (+ Golets)
- Every killstreak you will receive 8x blocks, 3x arrows, 1x cobweb (+ Golets)
- Killstreak on 10, 15, 30, 40 .... you will receive 1x TNT (+ Golets)
- custom items such as Gravity Bombs

Loot Crates
Every 5th minute 10 to 25 LootCrates will spawn on the map. When you right-click a Loot Crate you can receive one of the following items:

- 1 to 2x Gravity Bombs
- 1 to 2x TNT
- 1 to 2x...
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I would like to announce our new system, Bundles at our store!


Bundles will be released when it is special events or holidays. The bundles will contain unique perks and loot that you can't find or purchase without in the bundle and also special deals will contain in a bundle.

The first LIMITED EDITION bundle that will be released is the * Summer Bundle *

for more information visit the store by clicking here.

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!
( I will write this thread in Norwegian so I can reach out to the Norwegian Builders for now. But if you are from another place feel free to apply here)

Mitt navn er Håkon. Siden jeg var liten har jeg interessert meg i bygging og å bruke kreativiteten. Det var mange formål for meg å lage GoliCraft, men en liten del bestod også av at jeg elsket å bygge og det å vise fram mitt verk til andre. Enda bedre er det å vise det fram samtidig som det blir brukt og at spillere får en følelse til maps.

Jeg har vært med i å utvikle byggere til det de er idag, støttet dem og hjulpet dem. Alltid vært der som en hjelpende hånd og tatt alle godt imot. Jeg er stolt over alle jeg har hatt i teamet for og nå se resultatet. TeamGoli har vart i mange år og det er morsomt å tenke på at noen byggere jeg har hatt har en stor rolle i dagens minecraft samfunn over hele verden!

TeamGoli BuildTeam kan tilby
  • Hyggelige med-spillere som bygger samtidig som de har det gøy
  • Et godt og varmt samfunn der vi gjør mye variende, mer enn bare bygging
  • Andre byggere, som meg som veileder og hjelper til når det trengs
  • Fantastiske oppdrag som vil sette ting i perspektiv
  • Forskjellige build-tools og opplæring i dem for å gjøre din byggeopplevelse bedre (GoRiver(snart), GoPaint, GoBrush, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, FAWE)
  • Tilgang til diverse kommandoer og funksjoner på Kreativ serveren
  • Alltid en støtte som hjelper med ideer, prosjekter og annet når det trengs
  • Vi kan gi deg en framtid og bli en enda bedre bygger

Kanskje noe for deg?
Vi er en gjeng med veldig forskjellig personligheter mikset sammen til en medium-stor bygge/kreativ gruppe. Ikke alle som er med i TeamGoli bærer tittelen på GoliCraft siden det er hjelpe-byggere, men de er avlikevell en stor del av teamet.

Selvom GoliCraft serveren i seg selv kanskje ikke er det beste i ditt...
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will show you the recent updates of Survival 9.0, changes and improvements. Yesterday (Friday) we've released the Boss battles at /warp boss. The players who kill the bosses will be rewarded.

The Boss Cave

(can get one of the following rewards)

  • 1st place » Ancient Enchantment Book, Legendary Enchantment Book
  • 2nd place » Legendary Enchantment Book, Rare Enchantment Book, Common EnchantmentBook
  • 3rd place » Rare Enchantment Book, Common Enchantment Book, 200$ in-game
  • 4th place » 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 100$ in-game
  • 5th place » 30, 40, 50, 60$ in-game
Survival Crate updates + New Crate coming!
  • Made it possible to win ClaimBlocks in the VoteCrate
  • Made it possible to win ClaimBlocks in the Deluxe Crate
  • Add a new booster of 2,5 in the Deluxe Crate
  • NEW CRATE with the name Mythical Crate (releasing soon)

Updates / Changes
  • Made it possible to buy spawners!
  • New layout added to [item] to show item in-chat
  • Fixed issue with mining sponges
  • Fixed issue with mining lapiz
  • Made it possible to kick annoying placers out of a claim /kfc <name>
  • Added a /boss time command to check the time to next boss battle
  • Some issues with /shop and sell prices are fixed
  • Fixed an issue where you could not click on [info] signs
  • Fixed some Custom Enchantments
  • Added some new auto-broadcasts at Survival

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafters!

Today I will announce you for the upcoming updates/changes for the gamemode LootWars (also known as Kistekrigen or GoletsPvP)

Sneak peaks of the Map

Updates / Changes
  • We will add a new/old map (top voted by our players)
  • Instead of the old King Of The Hill will we have King Of The Tower
  • We will add new rewards to be the King Of The Tower
  • New chest items that are more balanced
  • Decrease the enchantments
Yup, that was all. (We will, of course, do more but it isn't necessary to write everything)

Best Regards,
Hello GoliCrafts!
- Today we've released our massive update to KitPVP. Includes a new map, kits, and some changes.

The new map (Thanks to @RodRuss (main builder), Mike, @Goli and Onlyferaals + @RevenJoakim for some of the trees)

  • Added changes to some kits
  • Changed the prices of some kits (lower prices)
  • Changed the Exp amount needed for rankups
  • Added more ranks/levels
  • Better hit-detection
  • Smoother knockback with no delay
  • Special optimized AntiCheat for KitPVP
  • Better rewards for ranking up
  • New KitPVP map
  • Added so players can drop all items (before it was only soups)
  • Removed the left-click option to heal with soups
Coming soon
  • Last Man Standing event
  • Duels/challenges (1v1)
Hello GoliCrafts,

This was a hard decision to make. I have worked many hours on these games, specially BedWars! But it isn't necessary to have it when almost no one plays it. My server was dedicated to 200+ players, what I had before but now with a player base of 16-35, it isn't good to have so many games and are only chaos.

The Games I will remove is BedWars, Free For All, GunGame and Arcade

have lived with the GoliCraft server since the gamemode was created in 2016. It was so fun to play and just chill, practice and have a good time! Now the game is old and kind of boring but it WAS very fun to play and will be remembered!

Free For All was the very first popular PvP game in Norway. This was one of my first server games released in 2014! It was so fun to play and explore the maps and abilites the maps had. My personally favorite map was The Goli Hotel created by Lefserull early 2015! The map was greafed and deleted some months after :crying: FFA is not the same as it was. Rest In Peace!

GunGame was released some months ago and was very popular some weeks! It was fun to play, rankings, coins and much more. The map was unique and good looking. It was fun and will be remembered.

Arcade is a gamemode that never become successful. The plan was to make a server with tons of different games and we did but never become popular. At the very first beginning, we had something called MLG Games that was a mix with MLG Cobweb, SpeedBuild and LavaFloor. After that we've added MLG Rush what seems to be very popular with over 70+ players only playing that! Suddenly that time was the period @Russen griefed and raided my server. My server got down in maintance because he deleted some massive work and when it re-released the players were gone and the gamemode was kind of dead. Another cause was the lagg that appeared. I did not find out what caused it but I just purchased and purchased more ram and...

Hi GoliCrafters,

I am so excited to tell you about this huge survival reset! This is the 9th season of survival so far. The first season was in 2015, that's 3 years ago! The time goes fast...

My goal with the survival server is to make a player never feel bored! Therefore I've added a lot of different to do. And this season will be the best!

The reason why I decided to restart the server can you read above:
A player named @Krillian1 was an earlier Admin and had the control of the survival economy. I believed I removed his perms but it was bugged back if that gives sense. Some weeks ago he decided to give everyone at survival a full pot of money to destroy the economy totally. After the players receiving that amount of free money, it wasn't fun to play anymore. All the gangs were max upgraded, purchased all of the building blocks and claims, kits, crates and more. It was just destroyed. That was my main reason to reset this early.

I had a plan to make a reset but not now! My plan was to just add new things to make it more fun but since the economy was broken I couldn't do that. My plan was to maintain the other gamemodes and after all of that was done I will come back to survival and make a global reset.

The new Survival... An experience you will never forget!

The systems
In the new version, we will make the economy more balanced and fear. In this version, the money will have a better worth to for example pay for bigger land claims or convert to XP and so much more!

To make the gameplay goes smoothly we will guarantee NO LAG, either FPS (computer lag) or TPS (server lag) Beleive me, my machine is really bad with max 28 FPS...

Since Survival is more about making cities and lives together we will add a new claim system. This system is very easy to use and you...
Hello GoliCrafters,

I am so excited to inform you of all of my planned updates/improvements/changes. This will be so epic and fun! I have listed all of my gamemodes and planned ideas under. Enjoy reading.

The Lobby

  • Now it is time to release The Dropper. The plan is to release new maps monthly to make it more fun and variated.
  • It will be fun to release a new island, The staff park
  • In the feature, we will add back Find the treasure (Finn Skatten)
  • DONE! In the new spawn build update, I have added an information board.


  • As this begins to be boring with the same type of maps, kits etc I will add a new kit
  • At the moment the maps change automatically to a new one. My plan is to add a map-vote where you can upvote for a specific map about 3 minutes before it will change. If you log of your vote will reset.
  • I will be adding more maps but at the moment this is not a priority


  • We will work on adding 2 more maps and a map-vote where you can upvote for a specific map about 3 minutes before it will change. If you log of your vote will reset.


  • Make it possible for gangs to have gang fights (gang vs gang)
  • Make a /duel (name) command that 1v1 another player with the stuff you have equipped
  • DONE! Make it possible to mine spawners or buy spawners in our shop
  • DONE! Make it possible to sell wool for a real price again
  • DONE! Add a system that can stack mobs/animals to reduce lag

The Arcade

  • DONE! Implement a new lobby
  • Fix bugs with TNT Run
  • DONE! Major updates/changes


  • Add a new kit, BedWas with basic equipment from BedWars (BW FFA) and a playable BedWars map to duel on.
  • Major updates/changes


  • Implement a new map
  • Make the kit-prices much cheaper...
Hei. Denne tråden er limited time som vil si at etter en stund så fjerner jeg innlegget. Jeg vil bare si at GoliCraft har betydd mye for meg og veldig mange andre i løpet av årene og det skal ikke ende her. Forhåpentligvis vil spillere fra andre land si det samme om noen måneder og det er det som er målet mitt.

Tråden er ganske rotete og det er frivillig å lese, men hvis du klarer å lese 3000 ord så gjør det. Er god lese-trening!

Mine meninger
Det er vanskelig for meg å forklare og vise alt jeg/vi gjør på GoliCraft og enda vanskeligere å formulere det til dere. Siden samfunnet er ganske dødt og mc-norge ganske dødt grunnet andre interesser for spillere så tok jeg valget for noen måneder siden å gå over til engelsk, men enda synes folk det er morsomt å si "haha, når skal dere bli engelske a?" når man vet at vi jobber med saken og at det ikke er bare, bare å annonsere serveren sin globalt.

Mine prioriteringer er for endel ganske proviserende siden jeg tydeligvis kun bryr meg om donator perks og kosmetikk features osv. Det er helt feil, men det har vært prioritert mens jeg oversatte alt til engelsk så bestemte jeg meg for å skifte en viss layout på ting og oppdatere diverse noe folk mener jeg heller kunne brukt på noe annet, og det vil alltid være slik at man har forskjellige meninger på ting og det respekterer jeg, men jeg tror ikke jeg kunne gjort noe anderledes.

Det er ikke noe å legge sjul på at jeg ikke har vært verdens beste til å ikke yppe meg med andre spillere tilbake i tid og har aldri forstått noe særlig konsekvenser av ting før de siste månedene egentlig. Jeg er ganske sent utviklet i hodet, tanker/konsekvenser/styrings-måte osv, men nå gjør jeg noe med det i forhold til før.

Jeg har alltid vært god til å skylde på andre og den som sier det best er morra mi "Ikke skyld på søstra di! Du må alltid ha noen å skylde på, det er ikke bra" og ja, det er helt ræva og jeg jobber noe sjukt med å legge av meg den vanen. Serveren har...