Hey! As you've probably noticed, we don't have that many active moderators at the moment.

Therefore we're looking for new moderators which are dedicated, motivated and actively contributing to making the server a better place. We expect them to have decent English-skill and a decent knowledge of the community.

If you feel that you have the potential to join our staff team, then apply at our forums under the applications section.

Remember, the age requirement is 14 years old, but if you're 13 and we feel that you're the right fit we may make exceptions.

I hope to see some new active moderators soon in the future. :smile:
Hello GoliCrafters!
GunGame is re-created with a HOT new map & Game-Plugin! (custom developed)

GunGame was a popular game on GameSwitch wich was really fun to see. A lot played it even it had some bugs. Sadly at the end it wasn't so fun anymore because of the old "boring" map. Also the plugin itself had some issues. And today we are about to release it!

View the changelog below:

  • Added custom-developed GunGame (thanks to @RodRuss_xd)
  • Fixed issues with kills not counting
  • Added a new map (thanks to @Breadro)
  • Other minior changes
Hello GoliCrafters!
Survival Season 11 is created with our player's suggestions and wishes!​

Survival has always been special on GoliCraft. With many unique features and adventures. Let us create a new adventure which will be even better than your pasts!

View the changelog below:

  • Added McMMO​
  • Expanded the PvP Arena and changed lava to water​
  • New rare items to MobCoins Shop​
  • A whole new balanced Economy​
  • Fishing can now give you rare items such as enchantment books too​
  • Added /sell all command to sell your whole inventory. Can be used every 4th minute​
  • Disabled Fly Mode and Creative in The Nether because of fairness for players without these perks​
  • Added Zombie Pigman mob spawner to /shop​
  • Added Crop Hopper to /shop​
  • You can now stack spawners up to 32x​
  • Added own Player Warps system so everyone can create their own warp​
  • Changed some custom enchantments (not big changes)​
  • Recreated the KoTH Crate with better loot​
  • Added Auction House /ah​
  • Changed the AFK Limit time to 45 minutes (previous was 10 minutes)​
  • Balanced the donator kits to make it fairer to everyone​
  • Upgraded the kits bought with VotePoints​
  • Revamped the Harvester Hoe, Sell Wand, Sorter Wand, and Trench Pickaxe​
  • Changed the Factions Claim Price to a cheaper one​
  • Improved the XP prices for Custom Enchantments (cheaper)​
  • Players can now modify /f perms and /f access (don't touch if you don't know what this is)​
  • You can now hide from the server map with /dynmap hide​
  • You can now ignore a player with /ignore. Then you won't see any more messages from that player​
  • Added Auto Sell Chests and Auto Crafter chests to the server. Auto Crafters can be bought with Mob Coins but Auto Sell Chest can only be found in Crates.​
  • Upgraded the server Crates (Common, Mythical and KoTH)​
  • Removed the Time Quests because of the AFK Limit was expanded​
I hope you will enjoy Season 11. 90% of the changelog was from our wonderful players who shared their thoughts with us in a planned survival meeting we hosted. I am really glad to let everyone join with our server improvements and will, of course, continue to have these sort of meetings.​
The official OP Prison Wiki Page is up: https://forum.golicraft.no/wiki/op-prison/
Make sure to read it before joining the release 7 PM CET!
Hi everyone. It is important that you listen carefully to what I am saying now. First of all, I would like to start with telling about my project during the past weeks. ... I can't figure out an easy way to explain this change but I will try my best and it may sound strange:

When GoliCraft first started with offering the opportunity for users to donate the rewards was a GLOBAL rank that means the whole server, and this was the word we used when selling ranks. But when Prison came out the ranks wasn't global anymore and everyone who had supported golicraft with purchasing these "global" ranks didn't get it on Prison and this was wrong.

I am very sorry for the actions I did past with the rank sorting and how it was and with help from @Chris I found a way to make everyone happy and to give everyone who has a prison or global rank a better deal now than before. With this action being done everyone who has a rank on prison will now get a better deal with converting your rank to a new and BETTER one. And everyone who has purchased a global rank plus prison will get their rank upgraded or being added the EULA rank too.

Before hating or being angry or anything please check out or store to confirm that we have NOT changed anything just added new perks and new ranks and by the way upgraded the old a bit too.

Now the "global ranks" is Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Legend, God, Goliath
and three new ranks (that support EULA, cosmetic perks): Hero, Mega, Ultra

You can go to our store and read about the ranks content here before being "angry" or anything: CLICK HERE

What rank will you have if:

Now I will try my very best to explain what ranks you will have if you had a Prison rank and a "global" rank or just only a Prison, SkyBlock rank:

REMINDER! Eula ranks will only be received with the "money" left for your rank. That meaning if you got Diamond but have spent 5 EUR more you will receive the EULA Rank: Hero

... Also if you would like to check the prices yourself go to our store. I have double checked everything and every converting is a "better deal" than you had when purchased.

... Also "better deal" if you only had a Prison rank and now get it global (on all servers) that's a better deal!

This is the format I will use:

For example: I have Diamond and Gladiator. That ranks cost 1510 NOK together. Instead of these two ranks I convert them into ONE that is GOD Rank with 1400 NOK value and Hero to 150 value. The original price for them two is 1550 and then I save (+40) NOK.

Gold - Thug = 320 NOK, Diamond (330) = 330(+10)
Gold - Criminal = 500 NOK, Diamond (330) + Mega (250) = 530(+80)
Gold - Immortal = 720 NOK, Emerald (600) + Hero (150) = 750(+30)
Gold - Gangster = 1020 NOK, Legend (900) + Hero (150) = 1050(+30)
Gold - Gladiator = 1350 NOK, God (1400) = 1400(+50)

Diamond - Thug = 480 NOK, Emerald(600) = 600(+120)
Diamond - Criminal = 660 NOK, Emerald(600) + Hero (150) = 750(+90)
Diamond - Immortal = 880 NOK, Legend(900) = 900(+20)
Diamond - Gangster = 1180 NOK, Legend(900) + Ultra(400) = 1300(+120)
Diamond - Gladiator = 1510 NOK, God(1400) + Hero (150) = 1550(+40)

Emerald - Thug = 750 NOK, Emerald(600) + Mega(250) = 850(+100)
Emerald - Criminal = 930 NOK, Legend(900) = 900(-30, but better deal because of global rank)
Emerald - Immortal = 1150 NOK, Legend(900) + Ultra(400) = 1300(+150)
Emerald - Gangster = 1450 NOK, God(1400) + Hero(150) = 1550(+100)
Emerald - Gladiator = 1780 NOK, Goliath(2000) = 2000(+220)

Legend - Thug = 1050 NOK, Legend(900) + Mega(250) = 1100(+100)
Legend - Criminal = 1230 NOK, God(1400) = 1400(+170)
Legend - Immortal = 1450 NOK, God(1400) + Hero(150) = 1550(+50)
Legend - Gangster = 1750 NOK, Goliath(2000) = 2000(+250)
Legend - Gladiator = 2080 NOK, Goliath(2000) + Mega(250) = 2150(+170)

Thug - None = 150 NOK, Gold(170) = 170(+20)
Criminal - None = 330 NOK, Diamond(330) = 330(+0)
Immortal - None = 550 NOK, Emerald(600) = 600(+50)
Gangster - None = 850 NOK, Legend(900) = 900(+50)
Gladiator - None = 1180 NOK, Legend(900) + Ultra(400) = 1300(+120)
Announcement Ralph The Rewarder

Today I would like to introduce you to our new reward system. The system is basically created to give gifts back to our supporters and players. If you have bought a premium rank you can claim a one-time reward which gives you Treasures, Golets, and Network XP.

It is also a Daily Reward which everyone can claim for free every day. Get started by right-clicking Ralph in the lobby (it's a zombie)
JoinMe and Network levels
Hello everyone. Today I would like to announce two of my new awesome systems. Everyone knows that it isn't fun to play LootWars with 3 or 4 persons, EVERYONE who has tried that can confirm. We are in the middle of a transformation from a Norwegian community over to the international and I can honestly tell you that it isn't easy to get on new players when they are gonna try out the server with themselves or one other player. We try to be as active as we can with announcing to collect more players at the same server but we can't be on 24/7.

JoinMe announcements system
Instead of hiring 5+ persons who got access to alert on a single server I demoted them and promoted YOU, yes YOU who read this!

It is a help-tool for both me and you. If you are going to play LootWars but can't because it's no one online you can now send a /joinme and maybe you will get some of the tryhards at survival to join you. The message will look like this and are an anti-lazy project. The only thing the player who read the message needs to do is to click on the message to join the server.

An example of a message who was sent with /joinme

So if you wanna help out me and golicraft please consider using this method. And if you are a huge fan of Lootwars, Battlezone, Practice, GameSwitch etc and want more to join, easy just use /joinme and the magic will come.

Network levels
Finally, it is time to release something new and cool that will hype up the gameplay. I introduce you to Network Levels. These Levels will be obtained by doing special actions at golicraft.
Read the wiki page and all important information BY CLICKING HERE

Best Regards,
Practice 3.0 - The new generation update
Practice has always been fun on GoliCraft and we love playing it too. But some weeks ago I understand that the maps, setup, lobby it was just boring. Nothing new and no new gamemodes. Personally, I miss bedwars and MLG Rush. Therefore I decided to make Practice 3.0.

20+ amazing new maps and new spawn!
New KOHI maps, Tournament maps, new spawn and more. The old maps were just too boring. We needed something new!

Playing NoDebuff KoHI maps. (Goli to the left and 1814 to the right)

Our new lobby/spawn (haha)

BedWars is back!
Personally, I missed BedWars and it was really fun to play. I removed it from the network because it was an extra cost and it splitted my players. I promised to get it back and today I am glad to say I did, but it is not the same as it was. So I created one 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 map at the beginning. Slowly will we update, change or remove maps as requested by our players.

3vs3 Hobbit BedWars map

MLG Rush is back!
Yes, it is! But not like now (dev is on vacation) but it is back and better than ever before! With new stats, random-queue, scoreboard and NEW MAPS.

New event mode: KoTH
Ah, this is really fun! I have wanted this a long time now and finally, we got it. Two teams and the first team to capture the KoTH for 2 minutes win. When you die you can join the event again with /koth join or click on the message in chat.

The King of the Hill (KoTH) map

Elo Ranks

This system is interesting and kind of cool. In your scoreboard, you will now be displayed what rank you are and the elo in.

New Practice gamemodes: SkyKnock and TheLog
Haha! So this is actually custom-created gamemodes inside the Practice system. You need to play them to find out what it is :wink2:

I hope you are much excited as we are. See you on the release TODAY (SUNDAY) 2 PM CEST

Best Regards,
New server trailer!

Thank you for considering supporting us with re-uploading the server trailer. Our goal is to share the server worldwide and a good way to do this is thru youtube. We pressure every re-upload and would like to reward a person who will do so.

Also, if you're interested, you can apply for the YouTuber rank at https://forum.golicraft.no/apply/. The requirements are 500+ subscribers for YouTuber, and 1000 for Famous.

Our rewards depend on your channel activity, views, and subs.


0 - 10 Subscribers
500 Golets
10 - 50 Subscribers
1,000 Golets + 1 treasurechest
50 - 300 Subscribers
2,000 Golets + 1 treasurechest
300 - 500 Subscribers
2,500 Golets + 1 treasurechest
500 - 1,000 Subscribers
3,000 Golets + 2 treasurechests
1,000 - 2,500 Subscribers
3,500 Golets + 3 treasurechests
2,500 - 5,000 Subscribers
5,000 Golets + 5 treasurechests
5,000 - 10,000 Subscribers
10,000 Golets + 10 treasurechests
How to re-upload
  1. Download the video from mediafire (DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
  2. Make a title that contains GOLICRAFT.NET, REVIEW OR TRAILER
  3. The description should include golicraft server adress and (IF YOU WOULD LIKE please say some kind words about us)
Request your rewards

If you have re-upload it on youtube you can apply for your rewards here: CLICK HERE TO APPLY Please fill in your minecraft username and link to the video.​
New Moderators

Hello Golicrafters!
At the moment, we are looking for new moderators. Our current staff is doing a great job, but we need more of them. We want to provide the best service for our players, and we hope that some of you might wanna help us with this.

If you think that you have what it needs to become a moderator, and have some free time to spend, you should give it a shot. You should have a bit of experience as a moderator, and at least 13 years old. If we feel that you have what it takes, we can make exceptions.

Before applying, I would recommend that you read through this guide: https://forum.golicraft.no/threads/what-you-should-write-put-in-a-moderator-application.602/

If there are any questions, send us a message on discord or the forums.

We wish you good luck and hope to see one of you joining our team.

Best regards,
Golicraft Management