Hello everyone
What a great year 2019 was for GoliCraft and for me personally in real life. I have so much to say and yeh.. should we just jump right into it?

So 2019 started a bit brutal for GoliCraft
With a small amount of staff, administration quitting and lack of players. I really hadn't so much time for the server too since I was working from 6 AM to 6 PM or longer if necessary every day until the summer break. I have NEVER lost motivation for having GoliCraft running and in some hard periods, I even paid the server bills with my own money.

But for me, it isn't about having most players, money, and popularity
The way I thought and have always thought about is that this is a social place where people connect through our platforms. They have a safe place to play and can be 100% themself without anyone judging them.

When I was young I played and loved this game but complained about servers...
The owners, their systems, how they thought and almost everything. But my friends at school and I played a lot and had so much fun and we even got to know new people and some of us still have contact through the web today. And this for me is a gift and if I am able to share it with so many I would happily do it and I LOVE to do it.

I can't imagine how my life had been without this server and if you are one of our early followers, think about it yourself... :pompus:

Anyways! Let's talk about a short sum-up of 2019 for golicraft and then we head over to our BIG PLANS for 2020! Or... we won't spoil everything just give you some sneakpeaks :wink2:

So I can't remember everything this year but I will try my best!
  • Starting the development of PvP Mashup and BedWars
  • Listened to ALL the players opinions, took a lot of surveys and took back Teamspeak
  • Hiring @Lipsticks then @Xhebition for working on the server development
  • Released EULA Ranks, Tags and Join Messages
  • Released the new LootWars system (sadly not enough players to fill
  • Released Lost In Space Season 1 (Prison & SkyBlock unique merge)
We did a lot more and I really liked the development golicraft did through 2019. It was some ups and downs but we are still here and if you ask me more motivated than ever before to make 2020 our greatest year so far!

Ahahahaha. I am so excited! Firstly our BedWars server should be ready for Beta in early January. Soon after we will focus on making PvP Mashup ready for Beta too. Survival Season 14 will be our best season so far with our player's thoughts and suggestions. We plan on making survival even more unique and will add Season Top prizes! Expect reset maybe in February.

So... in our trailer releasing February or Mars, you will see two easter eggs of two old game modes coming back to life again on GoliCraft. Sadly we will shut down Lost In Space January 1st and it will be down until we have the time to continue working on the concept for Season 2.

In early 2020 we will also release a new Main Hub and with that also release BlockParty v2, The Dropper, and upgrades to our cosmetics choices. After our network levels revamp is finished we will then revamp Treasure Chests to make it more spicy and exciting.

And you thought this is it? hehe, you're wrong!

So we got a lot of feedback on KitPvP recently and are planning on either releasing a whole new system or continue to improve our current system. Anyways, we have some new maps to show you too!

Practice is a great gamemode, no doubt there. Therefore we are going to focus on releasing a bunch of new maps in early 2020. Also... we have some new fun and exciting game modes on the practice server to show you soon!

It is enough! No, it isn't...
So I haven't told you what gamemodes we are planning to have but I can tell you this:
We are planning on having our own Minigames Server, but on that server, you will ONLY FIND 100% golicraft unique gamemodes.
If you want to play the classic minigames like QuickSG and SkyWars, then play it on other servers.
We will focus on using our creativity at...

GoliCraft TeamSpeak
After a long wait. TeamSpeak is finally back on GoliCraft.
We have decided to start with TeamSpeak again to bring the community closer.
New rules & Guides are live on the forums. Make sure to read them.

Connect today at

Useful links

(( Thanks to @Spyron for developing the TeamSpeak server and
thanks to @Lim3 for the GFX related to the TeamSpeak server ))

Kinds regards,
GoliCraft Management
Golicraft Feedback Survey

Hello, the management at Golicraft is always looking for ways to better the server, community and staff. But to do that, we need your help. If you could complete this feedback survey which we made, you can help us creating the Golicraft you want in the future. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we would appreciate if you contact us with what you think should be changed or added.

CLICK HERE to give us your feedback, thank you.

the management

Hello everyone!

We would like to announce the new requirements for the YouTuber Rank. So, if you want to advertise GoliCraft from YouTube, you need to :

- Have at least 500 subscribers. These subscribers cannot be inactive. (Subscribers that do not watch your videoes regularly.

- Make an own video about GoliCraft, or post our Official GoliCraft Server Trailer and get at least 250 views.

Here is the official GoliCraft Server Trailer : https://www.mediafire.com/file/a6obhm7xpx818x2/mc.golicraft.net_-_server_trailer_2019.mp4/file

- Get 100-200 views per video you post on your channel.

- Stream on GoliCraft regularly. (Once a week or more)

NOTE : You can have a lower amount of subscribers if you get a lot of views. We can do exceptions.

Anything below these requirements will not be accepted.

Have a great day everyone!



Hi, Players!
We have decided to open the Moderator applications again! We are looking for active and well experienced moderators. If you feel like you fit the job please consider applying! :kiss:


What we require from every moderator.
• Be 14 years or older
• Have a working and good quality Microphone
• You need to be able to use these following applications:
• Discord (Text communication)
• TeamSpeak (Oral communication)
• Have a working recording software
• Good English experience.


On Golicraft we write applications if they were essays, you can of course use formats too. We recommend writing at least 700 words, but the length of the application have nothing to say if the application has a lot of good information. If you want any tips on what to write in your application click here! :joyful:



Rules to be aware of before you apply
• You need to write your own application. If we find out that someone else has written your application, there are possibilities that you might be blacklisted from applying.

• You can't have any content posted to any platforms (on your own accounts) of you breaking any of the rules on GoliCraft.

• You have to wait at least 1 month before applying again if your last application was denied.

• As a Moderator, you need to be aware that players' information and messages that you have access to, can not be shared in any way or form. This is extremely important!

• You need to write your moderator application in English.