Hey! As you've probably noticed, we don't have that many active moderators at the moment.

Therefore we're looking for new moderators which are dedicated, motivated and actively contributing to making the server a better place. We expect them to have decent English-skill and a decent knowledge of the community.

If you feel that you have the potential to join our staff team, then apply at our forums under the applications section.

Remember, the age requirement is 14 years old, but if you're 13 and we feel that you're the right fit we may make exceptions.

I hope to see some new active moderators soon in the future. :smile:
Hello GoliCrafters!
GunGame is re-created with a HOT new map & Game-Plugin! (custom developed)

GunGame was a popular game on GameSwitch wich was really fun to see. A lot played it even it had some bugs. Sadly at the end it wasn't so fun anymore because of the old "boring" map. Also the plugin itself had some issues. And today we are about to release it!

View the changelog below:

  • Added custom-developed GunGame (thanks to @RodRuss_xd)
  • Fixed issues with kills not counting
  • Added a new map (thanks to @Breadro)
  • Other minior changes
Hello GoliCrafters!
Survival Season 11 is created with our player's suggestions and wishes!​

Survival has always been special on GoliCraft. With many unique features and adventures. Let us create a new adventure which will be even better than your pasts!

View the changelog below:

  • Added McMMO​
  • Expanded the PvP Arena and changed lava to water​
  • New rare items to MobCoins Shop​
  • A whole new balanced Economy​
  • Fishing can now give you rare items such as enchantment books too​
  • Added /sell all command to sell your whole inventory. Can be used every 4th minute​
  • Disabled Fly Mode and Creative in The Nether because of fairness for players without...​
The official OP Prison Wiki Page is up: https://forum.golicraft.no/wiki/op-prison/
Make sure to read it before joining the release 7 PM CET!