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Posted by Solyze Latest Article Announcement GoliCraft V5 Release (April 24th)

GoliCraft V5 (April 24th)

Welcome to GoliCraft V5, the long awaited update! For over a month now,
we have been working on revamping the entire server, and creating a new
experience for our amazing community. If you haven't seen the announcements
we've posted on Discord previously, I have a lot to inform you about :smile:
This thread will basically recap of a lot of what has been said on Discord.

Obviously, when a lot of you think about GoliCraft, one of the first things you
may think about is the past (Unless you're new here). And personally, something
that takes me back into the memory lane is our past lobbies. Finally, we've brought
back some of the old memories, as you will see on the day of the release! Yes, we
have gotten one of our old hubs back, and we are excited to show you!...
Posted by EvenX Latest Article Important A new beginning

A new beginning
Golicraft has been through a lot of ups and downs. I personally can only see a bright future for GoliCraft,
and this is the first step to get back up on the horse, to get back in our prime.
Golicraft was crated in late 2014 and has been the leading Norwegian server with unique features for the past 5 years.
That time is over, it's time for a change, the Minecraft community has changed a lot, and it's time we change as well.

GoliCraft New Guidelines
We in the management team has decided to update some of our "old" guidelines and ways to do things. The things
we will be changing soon, and the things that have been changed:

  • We will no longer do unban applications and/or complaints in discord tickets, DMS, or discord server. You can only apply for unban on the forums from now on. ...
Posted by Solyze Latest Article ✹ New Rules & Staff Updates System
Greetings, everyone!

With the latest release of our new Hub, Practice, and Survival right around the corner, we have finally updated our Rules once again.
This means that hereby, the old rules have been removed from the public view and been replaced by the new ones. Me and the entire team
would strongly advice that you take some time to read through our new rules, just to catch up and prevent any punishments. You can find the new rules here.

We have also made some changes to our Staff Updates system. Here is how it will work from now on:
  • Staff Updates will be posted monthly in a forum post by our amazing Staff Manager (@Frexern).
    These threads will be posted under this category each month. You can find the latest Staff Updates thread...
Posted by Goli Latest Article OP PRISON Season 1
Hi all,

As you can see we have started all over again. The new OP Prison is so different and better than what we had before, so we decided to start over again with Season 1 and so on.

With the new OP Prison we have figured out we want to be more thankful to our lovely community and with that give more things away, make things easier and more fun.

To make it extra extra extra fun we have decided to make more out of ranks and easier for everyone to achieve. Also the server is so much less pay2win and the whole conept, we love it!

New rank system
OG GoliCraft players remember our very very first season of OP prison where we released new ranks on the whole server and not synced with the rest of it - that was a mistake, but hear me out... I think it's better to have per-server-ranks and make them cheaper than make global ranks more expensive and more problematic and harder to get in-game.

From now on OP Prison and other survival-related gamemodes will have their own...
Posted by Goli Latest Article OP PRISON Season 3


JUNE 25th (7 PM CEST)



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